Terra Passion In Mauritania originator of circuits, trekking Adrar, Ouarane, Tergit, Chinguetti near Nouakchott


Welcome with the doors of the desert

Vacancy rhyme with discovery?

Enough the soporific stays,

hotel, swimming pool, beach, restaurant, sleeping.

To wish another thing?


Terra Passion with the doors of the desert

In love with nature, respectful of our planet, need for resources, in the search of authenticity?

We propose to you in total immersion, various stays, circuits, excursions or different trekkings various stays, circuits, excursions or, it‘s up you to fill your waiting’s.

Dear travelers,

The respect for our planet, included that  we have for the various cultures of the men who live in it.

In meaning and humble in front of it, we cannot neglect or to be unaware of this immense gift only makes us our ground by the various faces that it offers to us, imposing, magic and always surprising  as we have happiness to meet them in their original forms, free of all human transformations. Filled with wonder like enthusiast children at this sacred holy freedom, well most invaluable and always too rare. Terr@ Passion invites you to new geographical and human discoveries.

Terr@Passion, hopefully wants to make benefit  the greatest number of travelers proposes to you voyages, circuits and excursions which you will choose with your measurement, envies and curiosity .Any particular aptitudes not being necessary for the majority of the circuits. The simple precautions of bases before any departure in certain regions, far away from the large cities, are very essential in the same way.

Terr@Passion suggests to you a visit to your doctor where you will also benefit from it to make you vaccinate, a visit also, often neglected but oh how much salutary, in the dentist. A phone call to your insurer for an insurance repatriation (one is never too far-sighted) a good pair of shoes.

The a b c of the traveler out of the beaten paths. Well, your philosophy of the voyage and discover secret grounds, must include the acceptance of conditions sometimes Spartans of transport and beds.

Bivouacs under the mauritanians tents with the dusty meharis, tracks and the cruise, being rather far away from the comfort of luxury cars and hotels 6 stars.


With to share our Terra Passion


circuits randonnées et trekking dans le desert de mauritanie

mauritanie culturelle elle revet parfois des couleurs irréelles

Tergit Mauritanie lors de circuits trekking de Chinguetti en passant par Adrar

En Mauritanie hormis circuits,trekking dans Adrar à proximité de Nouakchott il y a la mer des plages de sable fin et blanc

En Mauritanie une mer de sable blanc, un spectacle fabuleux lors de circuits,trekking de Chinguetti en passant par Adrar 




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Come to visit the Park of arguin In Mauritania except circuits, trekking in Adrar near Nouakchott



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Sunset in Mauritania at the time of circuits, trekking Adrar, Tergit, Chinguetti near Nouakchott direct flight for Adrar


Bivouacs under the tents Mauritanians with the m?aris


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